June 20, 2017 | Owen Gill
Welcome to this hidden gem located in Creola, AL!!  When these owners decided to put this home up for sale, they had a hard time telling me all of the incredible memories they have created here. One of their favorite hobbies is to take their boat down Gunnison Creek for about 5 miles to the Alabama Management Land.  Talking about the ecosystem, the owners raved about the numerous experiences they had witnessed with the wildlife.  From watching baby turtles hatch in the sand by their home to checking in on the progress of the otters and beavers who were slowly building up their homes, there wasn't much you couldn't experience within 5 miles of their house.  During my visit to meet them, they handed me some bread and we began to throw small pieces in the water off their deck.  Witnessing over 30 fish swim up to me was enough to say someone is going to love this place!!

Talking to them about the home, I received a list of upgrades they had spent time working on to make the home feel brand new.  The house comes with brand new paint throughout, tile flooring, a new HVAC system, and they converted their garage into a man cave that would make any college football fan beg the new owners to host every Saturday get-together with a full wet bar and custom build cedar cabinets.  Out back is a brand new double tier deck leading down to their private beach and bulkhead. What makes this home so unique is its access to a large river system feeding into the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta system.  Yet, it is so quiet and peaceful and you rarely hear the engine of other boats that are close by.Why would anyone leave a private paradise like this?  Well, that is where the story gets interesting and is a big reason why I have such a connection with this couple.  The husband is a disable combat veteran and they are moving to Central Florida to be closer to some top notch facilities with the VA to help him in his recovery from his injuries.  As a veteran myself, I have a unique understanding for the sacrifices he has made as well as his wife.  Once they leave the only home they've had since they met in San Diego while he was stationed there, they plan to reconnect with her family who is also moving to Florida with them.  They will miss their little piece of paradise but are excited to see the next family pick up where they have left off making some many incredible memories!!


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