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Adrienne has all the traits of a successful salesperson, from her drive to succeed to her passion for high-level customer service, yet it is her infectious personality and bright smile that tend to endear her to her clients. She is a native of South Alabama, growing up in the Cottage Hill area of Mobile, AL but actually graduated from Foley High School, after her mother relocated their family to Baldwin County for her senior year. Her sport of choice as a young girl was competitive dance and she dedicated 10 years to mastering her craft. She also enjoyed being a cheerleader throughout her high school career.

The school of life would test Adrienne from an early age and swiftly take her down an uncommon path of hardwork and intense responsibilities associated with motherhood at an early age. It would be in the midst of crisis that she would not only learn a great deal about her own personal strength but also find her niche in Human Resources, which would prove to be her career path for nearly 11 years. HR seemed like a perfect fit, as she loved to help people and what could be more rewarding than helping people find a job and provide for their families!

Adrienne was maturing rapidly beyond her 19 years, taking college courses at Auburn University, raising her daughter, Madison, as a single-mom and working as a successful recruiter in the offshore oil and gas industry. During this very busy and chaotic time in her young adult life, Adrienne would also reconnect with her high school sweetheart, Owen. The two would eventually marry and have a little boy, Colton. Owen, also had a child from a previous relationship, Evan, who is now 14 and spends time with the family during Christmas, Spring and Summer Breaks, as his mom now lives in New Jersey.

She would fall into the routine of balancing a career, family and collegiate classes at the University of South Alabama until becoming a real estate client of Diana Will in 2013. Diana noticed very quickly that Adrienne had an awesome personality and would be perfect for the Jason Will Real Estate Brokerage, so she politely asked her if she had ever thought about a career in real estate? Indeed she had and had been thinking about a career in real estate for quite some time, yet she and Owen had not been a place financially, where she could effectively make the transition from a salaried position to straight commission sales compensation. A seed was planted and that seed would quickly grow into a plan to begin her real estate classes in May of 2014. Adrienne would be ready to take the leap of faith into a new career as a full-time real estate agent by September.

In typical Adrienne fashion, she excelled from Rookie Agent to Rockstar Realtor in her first 6 months in the business. It seems the knowledge and experience she brought with her from the HR field, provided a smooth transition into a career in real estate, as she knew well how to relate to people and their goals. Now Adrienne is responsible for over 150 real estate transactions and is a top producing agent in the Mobile and Baldwin County Area. She serves as the mentor and soul of the Gill Realty Group.

When she is not helping her people find their dream home, then you will most likely find her on the road with Madison, who is now 13 and her travel-ball softball team or Colton, now 8 who is on a travel baseball team. Owen, will most surely be at the wheel, provided that he is not with his own clients with the Gill Realty Group or at drill duty for the Army National Guard, for which he has been a proud service member since 2009. The chaos of a busy work and family schedules appears to be where Adrienne is at her best, yet I know her happy place is a beach and the way her toes feel in the afternoon sand. If you pay close enough attention, you might just see her down by the bay on a random afternoon, with the breeze in her hair, getting the most out of an unscheduled hour or rest and relaxation.


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